Are thoughts really a habit?

While we often don’t stop to realize it, there is a habit to everything we do; even in our thoughts.  From the moment we wake up, thoughts start running through our mind and set the tone of the day –  your thought habit takes over. Just like dominos falling, all it takes is the first thought and all the thoughts start to fall one right after the other.  Once the process starts, it’s hard to stop it.  Unless a domino is misaligned or a few are removed.

controlling thoughts

Thoughts tend to work the same way.  When we interrupt the habit long enough to pause, something different happens and a different result starts to emerge. The most powerful tool we have to bring about desired results lies within each of us; awareness of our thoughts.

When we develop an awareness of our thoughts, start to manage them and intentionally think in a way that benefits us, we begin the process of thinking on purpose and not out of habit.  New thoughts, new thinking, new results!  It really is that simple.

Sure, that sounds reasonable, but how?  How in the heck do I think differently?  Where is the how?

These and similar questions tend to run around in my mind as I read all of those quotes on-line.  

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

I’ll admit, I love this quote.  It is one of my favorites and I refer to it often.  But I remember a time when this quote drove me bonkers.  I understood the words, but the actual process of how to look at something different in the midst of chaos was not easy.  I was like –   “Really, Wayne Dyer, help me out here”

Well, I can tell you there is a way, and it is simple.  Three simple steps.

To bring about new results, "Decide on Curious Action"

  1. Decide the specific result you want.  Don’t be vague.  Define the result with so much clarity a stranger will know you have achieved your result.
  2. Get curious about what you need to create the result you have described in great detail.  Question what you know, find out what you don’t. Don’t assume you know EXACTLY what to do.  Find out if there is a better way.  Ask questions, seek out information as if you did not know.
  3. Take action with purpose.  As you take action to make your result come to fruition, review the outcome with curiosity.  Again, review the results with fresh eyes.

The next time you find yourself discouraged with your results. Check your thoughts.  Thoughts are like dominos, a very subtle and effective force.  Perhaps you will find your thought habit is slightly misaligned.

Michelle Seifert

Michelle Seifert

Michelle Seifert is a professional life coach. She's on a mission to help high achieving women get to the next level; to see extraordinary results.

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